Leaders of Indigenous Peoples and Afro-Mexicans ethnic groups in Yucatan sworn in as Governor and Vice-Governor of the group

During the First State Assembly of the National Council for the Development of Indigenous and Afro-Mexican Peoples, appointments were given to the secretaries of the Yucatan Council, to the Supreme Maya Chiefs of 16 municipalities and to the State delegate, Jorge Arjona Tamayo.

Likewise, Guillermo Rafael Chan Pérez and Geny Martín Sosa were ratified and sworn in as Governor and Vice-Governor of this group in the state, respectively, in the presence of the national president of the organization, Carmen Cariaga Serran.

With the purpose of promoting and guaranteeing the development and integral wellbeing of the Indigenous and Afro-Mexican Peoples as subjects of public law, its president, Guillermo Rafael Chan Pérez, signed two collaboration agreements with the Rotary Club.

Furthermore, the president of the National Council for the Development of Indigenous and Afro-Mexican Peoples, highlighted the opportunity to coincide to achieve a common purpose, to wrap and support the indigenous peoples and Mexicans who add energy of the same essence and vision to go in the same direction.

“With this, we will make it possible for the goals to be met, and today is the first step to begin the work that will make this Council recognize as equals, as brothers, those who live in the indigenous communities of Yucatan,” she noted.

She emphasized that the council should be based on mutual support with solid values aimed at evolutionary growth with a human sense, with clear goals oriented towards the work and development of the indigenous and Afro-Mexican peoples, as this is something that we are passionate about and motivates us to serve to transform together the destiny of the indigenous peoples, she said.

During the event the Maya Paramount Chiefs of Huhi, Maxcanú, Timucuy, Quintana Roo, Yaxkukul; Ucú, Umán, Samahil, Kanasín, Halachó, Dzitas, Cansahcab, Cacalchén, Conkal Abalá and Chablekal de Mérida received their appointments.

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