Kanasín says they stole the crown from Progreso and Mérida as the best Carnival of 2023

After a day of events for the Carnival festivities in Yucatán, it was Kanasín that positioned itself among the public’s favorites, surpassing Progreso and Mérida.

It is worth noting that it is the port and the capital of Yucatan that year after year create a strong discussion as to which is the best in the state.

However, what was not counted is that the Capital of the Panucho would be among those that generated the most interest among Yucatecans last weekend.

In a survey conducted by Por Esto! on its social networks, the public said that Kanasín was the favorite Carnival of this 2023, displacing Progreso in second place and Mérida in third.

With a reach of 88,000 people and 19,625 interactions on the Facebook post, the Capital of the Panucho stole the attention of Yucatecans.

During the Carnaval de Kanasín, celebrities such as Vanessa Claudio, Los Wapayasos and fashion influencer Yeri Mua were present during the parade.

This allowed Yucatecans to prefer Kanasín as the favorite Carnaval of 2023, while Progreso came in second place.

In the comments of the publication, Yucatecans let it be known which would be their fourth choice, taking by surprise the small port of Dzilam de Bravo as one of the favorites.

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