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Hepatitis in Yucatan grew by 170% during 2022

by Yucatan Times
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In Yucatan, the outbreak of hepatitis registered during 2022 caused the pathology to increase by nearly 170 percent with respect to the previous year, revealed the federal Health Secretariat by stating that a case was confirmed every 27 hours.

Even on that occasion, historical records were registered for hepatitis B and C prevalence, the highest figures in 12 years.

During 2022, 328 confirmed cases of the various types of hepatitis were recorded in the State, the highest figure in five years, with an increase of 166.67 percent with respect to the previous year, when the accumulated figure was 123.

It even surpassed the anomaly occurred in the other entities of the Peninsula, since in Campeche there were 37 infected, while in Quintana Roo there were 204 infected.

The state increase was higher than the national average, since during the year, 10,540 people were affected, with a 57.69 percent increase, since in 2021 there were 6,684.

According to the federal SS, hepatitis is an inflammation in the liver, caused by one of the five types of virus: A, B, C, D and E.

While hepatitis A and E are transmitted mainly through water, types B, C and D through blood and body fluids.

Most of the time, a person does not know they are infected because they have no symptoms and the disease goes unnoticed until serious complications develop or a blood test is performed.

However, some people with type A and B have symptoms such as jaundice (yellowing of the skin), fatigue and general malaise.

The biggest problem is with viral hepatitis A, which has increased by 238 percent, from 50 cases in 2021 to 169 in 2022.

In second place is viral hepatitis C, with 105 infected, so the pathology had an increase of 118.75 percent, when the previous year’s total was 48, and even set the highest figure from 2012 to date.

While there are 40 positives in viral hepatitis B, whose growth was 110.53 percent, and last year there were 19. also imposed a record in incidence.

As for the other types of viral hepatitis, there are 14 confirmed cases, when in the same period of 2021 there were only six cases, so the increase was 133.33 percent.

Yucatan is in eighth place in the national table of viral hepatitis A, with 4.03 percent of the total registered in the country, as well as being in seventh position in viral hepatitis B, with 6.4 percent, it is in tenth place in viral hepatitis C, with 2.76 percent, and with other viral hepatitis it is on the 26th rung, with 0.73 percent.

Undoubtedly, hepatitis is a public health problem and its prevention and control requires paying attention to several recommendations, such as:
-Conserving adequate hygiene habits
-Avoid drinking unsafe water.
-Do not share needles
-Cook food well and eat it while it is hot.
Avoiding raw meat and seafood – Avoiding raw meat and shellfish
-Wash hands vigorously with soap and water, rubbing them for at least 20 seconds, after using the toilet, changing babies’ diapers, before eating, and before preparing food.
-Wash fruits and vegetables with clean water, if possible with a brush and a mild detergent.

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