Home Headlines Final preparations for the reopening of the “José Peón Contreras” Theater in Mérida, Yucatán

Final preparations for the reopening of the “José Peón Contreras” Theater in Mérida, Yucatán

by Yucatan Times
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Four months after the fire at the Peón Contreras Theater, Yucatán state authorities are already preparing for its reopening in phases. According to Loreto Noemi Villanueva Trujillo, head of the Yucatán Ministry of Culture and the Arts, March could be the month when the “Peón Contreras” Theater’s Galleries will reopen its doors to the public.

In an interview outside the Palacio de la Música, the official explained that after a review by the Civil Protection authorities of the State Government, the result was that this space does not present damages in its structure and is in conditions to be able to open next month.

“The reopening of the galleries will be very soon, Civil Protection has already confirmed that there is no structural or other type of damage in the galleries, it was the minimum, so the galleries are fine and will only be cleaned”, she commented.

As for the rest of the Theater, she recalled that both INAH and the structural engineers and Public Works personnel are working for the recovery of the building, so that in an orderly manner they can recover all the spaces.

“In order to try to recover the fresco, INAH mentioned to us that, if there are possibilities, there is also a team of structuralists working in the area of the dome, as well as public works personnel who are doing the corresponding part to see the recovery of the boxes, which is part of the infrastructure”, she said.

The official did not give more details about the investment that has been made so far, but said that the insurance of both governments is still being analyzed.

“Some expenses have been made to prevent further deterioration, but I do not have the exact amount, but what is a fact is that the theater will be restored and we will see it again in all its splendor”, she said.

Arem Miguel Karam Espositos, head of the state Public Works Department, confirmed that they are working on the pre-diagnosis of the building, with insurers from the state and federal governments, where the federal government will be in charge of everything that has to do with the artistic and built heritage of this emblematic building.

“Once these processes have been concluded by the Ministry of Public Works, we will be able to make a complete analysis, we are working on a structural analysis, to be able to give an accurate and definitive diagnosis of what public works will be doing,” she concluded.

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