Drunk man arrested after shooting rifle into the air in Kinchil, Yucatan

Juan Bartolomé Q.L. (aka “Motor”) who was under the influence of alcohol, was arrested for detonating his weapon to scare his neighbor.

The events occurred on the corner of 26th and 29th street of the Glorieta neighborhood, when the man began to argue with his next-door neighbor L.T.A. over a water hose.

Fired up by the alcohol, “Motor” went into his house to get his rifle and allegedly fired a shot into the air minutes before 9:00 pm.

Upon hearing the gunshot, the victim immediately called 9-1-1, and minutes later, two police cars of the Public Security Department and a Municipal Police patrol car immediately arrived at the scene, but the man nicknamed ‘Kinchilebrio‘, had already escaped on his motorcycle only to be caught a couple of blocks away.

The officers handed him over to the corresponding authorities, as L.T.E. filed a complaint so that this man would not use a firearm on he public road again. The motorcycle was also secured by the Public Security officers.

TYT Newsroom