Controversy over indecent show in Chocholá

Outrage in Chocholá after a nude show that was promoted by the City Hall during Carnival Fantasy Sunday.

Regardless of the presence of minors in the main square, the organizer and host of the event, Alberto García, coordinator of logistics for the town hall, brought strippers to the municipality, and during the show, they showed their private parts to the public.

The show generated a wave of criticism against the mayor of Chocholá, Obet Martin Alcocer, for promoting this type of event that distorted the carnival, putting aside family life.

Mayor Martin Alcocer was present at the event, however, several families left the place because they disliked the show.

For this reason, they asked for the immediate dismissal of Alberto García from the City Hall, for contaminating the Chocholá carnival with nudity, which cost the municipality a good amount of money that could have been invested in some work in the town.

TYT Newsroom

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