CONAPESCA seized more than 20 tons of illegal fishing product in 2022

According to the National Fishing Commission (Conapesca), a total of 20,615 kilograms of products of different species were seized in operations carried out throughout last year.

In addition, 98 units of marine species that were also obtained illegally were seized.

In the inspection and surveillance works, Conapesca reported that 23 vehicles that were used were seized, in addition to detecting the implementation of 1,633 illicit fishing gears that were also dismantled.

The official report also indicates that 22 small boats, 7 larger boats, 8 outboard motors and no arrests were made for this cause.

Mexico has very strict regulations and laws for fishing. When operating a vessel in Mexican waters that has fishing equipment in it, Mexico requires that you hold a fishing license for everybody aboard the boat, regardless of age and whether they are fishing or not. A fishing license is not required if fishing by land.

But, it is obvious that many fishermen are not complying with these regulations, and they are illegally fishing certain species out of season which results in tremendous damage to the marine ecosystems, and of course, to the fishing cycles.

TYT Newsroom