Carnaval de Mérida 2023: Margarita la Diosa de la Cumbia kicks off the celebrations

Margarita and her Cumbia started the party for Rey Momo at the Carnaval Pavilion on Saturday, February 4th.

Although attendees complained of poor organization and lack of consideration for the elderly and people with disabilities due to the timing of the Mérida Carnival 2023 musical event which began at almost 9:00 pm, Margarita la Diosa de la Cumbia ignited the party.

The singer, who left her heart on stage, made some of the audience return to their seats despite the “coolness” of the night, however, the public did not wait for the concert to end, stating that it was not the time for their grandparents to be outdoors.

The affluence in the Carnival Pavilion was overshadowed by the fair that was on one side of the site, however, the crowned kings with intellectual disabilities Angelica Rizos “Angie I” and Iván Sánchez “Iván I” and those with motor disabilities Jayli Villabeytia “Jauly I” and Lizandro Bustos “Lizandro I” as well as the older adult kings María Cabrera “Mariachi I” and Manuel Chan “Manolo I” were applauded for their great performance and vivacity.

On the other hand, the vendors pointed out that sales were low, noting that the lack of attendance took a toll on their pockets. Many ended up leaving before the end of the event.

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