Campeche Carnival: Edwin Luna and Monterrey’s Trakaloza rocked the Malecón

Campechanos and nearby foreigners invaded the entire Ah Kim Pech Forum and areas near the Malecón de Campeche and María Lavalle Urbina Avenue to witness the musical performance of Edwin Luna y la Trakalosa de Monterrey.

As part of the Festival del Lunes del Carnaval de Campeche 2023, the musical group attracted locals and strangers alike, as there were also those who invaded the Malecón de Campeche to enjoy the grupera type music.

It is worth remembering that many were left outside the Ah Kim Pech Forum due to the preventive measures implemented by the organizers of Carnaval 2023.

Chairs, tables, coolers and aluminum and glass containers were prohibited inside the venue.

TYT Newsroom