Buoy located at high sea and towed to Dzilam de Bravo

Fishermen of the port of Dzilam located a Yokohama buoy off the coast of this port, so they towed it to the port captaincy, some fishermen reported that it could be part of a submarine and others just said it is an unknown object.

Great astonishment caused among the seamen the appearance of a strange object in the high seas that was towed to the coast by a local boat that located the buoy at about 7 fathoms.

It was reported that the buoy is used by merchant ships or port facilities to prevent them from impacting against the dock when they are docked, so it is presumed that it could be that its origin is from the port of San Felipe or was detached from a merchant ship.

Some fishermen affirmed that it was a strange object and some that it could even be part of a submarine, it is expected that soon the buoy will be transferred to the facilities of the Port Captaincy so that they can take charge of its analysis.

The weather was favorable for fishing this day, so dozens of seamen observed the device, but no one dared to approach it, let alone tow it.

TYT Newsroom