Biósphera Summit successfully comes to an end in Mérida

The Biósphera Summit, which brought together more than 100 speakers, more than 60 representatives from companies, institutions, governments and media, more than 2,000 accredited participants and more than 30 congress sessions, came to an end on Friday, February 10th.

The presentation “Climate Change, Everyone’s Involvement: Race to Zero” kicked off the last day’s activities, which brought together María Isabel Ortiz Mantilla, Secretary of Environment and Territorial Planning of the Government of the State of Guanajuato, Evelia Rivera Arriaga, Scientist of the Autonomous University of Campeche, Angélica María Vesga Rodriguez, Interim Executive Director of WRI Mexico, Jorge Daniel Taillant, Executive Director of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (United States, Mexico and Canada) and Itzel Jiménez, Head of Manufacturing Sustainability for Heineken Mexico.

In this meeting, the panelists talked about simple actions to reduce climate change that can be carried out in a civil manner such as urban solid waste management, tree planting, reduction in energy consumption and painting the baskets white to reduce the temperature in the environment, as well as actions by governments to promote laws and regulations to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere in production processes and more prudent consumption to ensure resources for future generations.

At the same time, on the Bio Agora stage, presentations were made by some of the partners of the event: Marista University, Mexican Red Cross, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Global Youth Biodiversity Network, among others.

One of the most outstanding sessions of the day was the inspirational talk by the Spanish speaker, Josep Soler Sala, from the Gifts and Wisdom Network “The Human of the 21st Century, Integrative Health and Consciousness“, here he shared with the attendees, important reflections on “connecting with the feeling of gratitude towards the earth and the blessings it has provided us, a new balance that guarantees the well-being of all“.

Meanwhile, in the exhibition area of the event, companies continued with the demonstration of the solutions, initiatives and projects they are currently implementing for the sustainable development of their environments. At the same time, some of the local producers and representatives of different communities marketed their products to visitors.

Within the GCF Task Force room, different success stories from the GCF Task Force Global Network were shared, the session focused on governance and lasting public policies, which are essential to implement government and private sector programs, attract investment and partners, and ensure that their implementation achieves deforestation, climate and development goals while benefiting communities and the planet.

Prior to the closing ceremony, the panel “Knowledge, Technology and Innovation” was held, where it was mentioned that these become fundamental tools for sustainable development, forest management and timely decision making to take advantage of opportunities.

The panelists showed a variety of examples of the application of technology for the welfare of the environment, among which were the use of cellular technology for monitoring and conservation of forests, also about the support to communities farther away from cities and that technologies such as: icloud, data processing and also coverage, can increase the standard of living.

Subsequently, they closed the session taking into account that the use of technology goes beyond playful activities and support should be given to ecological projects for the good of the planet and society.

Finally, the day concluded with the participation of Melisa Rojas, coordinator of the Cumbre Biósphera project, who thanked the event partners for their trust, but above all for their collaboration with the coordination and members of the GCF Task Force, reiterating the commitment to continue working together for future editions of Biósphera.

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