A white balance reported for Merida’s Carnival festivities

The Merida Municipal Police Department reported that there was a white balance in these five days of activity in Carnival City, thanks to the public safety and traffic safety measures implemented, as well as the exemplary behavior of the attendees.

In a press release, the corporation said that Ciudad Carnaval in Xmatkuil was guarded by 700 members of the Merida Municipal Police, the Ministry of Public Safety (SSP), Firefighters, Red Cross and Municipal Civil Protection.


At the end of the security operation, the municipal police reported no injuries, while the emergency services of the Red Cross, SSP and Municipal Paramedics attended 126 people injured during these five days, none of which were serious or required transfer to a hospital.

To achieve this white balance, the PMM implemented crime prevention strategies and actions, such as security filters at each access, 12 watchtowers at key points of the route and foot surveillance in areas with the largest crowds of people.

Likewise, the operation included the surveillance of the area of the bus stops to arrive at Ciudad Carnaval, as well as the return to the Historic Center, and there was also a special operation in the parking lot of the fairgrounds.

TYT Newsroom

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