400 thousand people attended the Progreso Carnival on Sunday, February 19th

Carnival Sunday is one of the most awaited by Yucatecans, who took the opportunity to enjoy the different activities in the cities of Merida, Kanasin, and Progreso.

One of the public’s favorites was in Progreso, with the presence of Galilea Montijo and Calibre 50, which caused thousands of Méridanos and visitors to take the highway, which was notoriously busy, to enjoy the shows.

According to the mayor of the coastal municipality, Julian Zacarias, more than 400,000 people came to his municipality, which generated an important economic benefit.

“Today in our port we all enjoyed a carnival full of joy and fun, with a full house from end to end, surrounded by sun, sand and sea. We are very happy, because this carnival generates an important economic benefit for our city and the people of Progreso.”

TYT Newsroom