Zapopan Firefighters rescue a puppy trapped in a sieve

Zapopan firefighters were recognized as heroes without a cape after rescuing a dog trapped in a 30-meter-deep sewer. The owner of the small breed animal, named “Tintán”, called 911 for help after discovering that his friend was trapped in the hole.

Guadalajara, Jalisco.- The owner of the 3-year-old dog explained that they were both on their way to the store when the fall occurred since the cover of the strainer was not in place. After the request for help, rescuers from the Zapopan fire department carried out a vertical descent with the support of a tripod, ropes, and harness.

Thus, they managed to reach the animal, to later transfer him to the surface, at which time the owner rushed to “Tintan” to hug him and offer him comfort. The authorities assured that the dog had no injuries.

Another rescue operation in Tecamac, State of Mexico

These events are in addition to those that occurred in the State of Mexico, where a dog was in distress after being trapped at the bottom of a mine in the community of San Pablo Tecalco. Tecámac firefighters carried out the maneuver, which consisted of one of them tying a rope to his waist to descend the slope where the animal was trapped.

Once inside the slope, the firefighter tied another rope around the dog’s body and was able to pull him out of there.

TYT Newsroom