Yucatan: Use of face masks will no longer be mandatory in public transportation

person hand on steering wheel
Photo by Lê Minh on Pexels.com

As of February 1st, the use of masks will be voluntary in public transportation, but will continue to be mandatory in hospitals, health centers and medical units, according to the Yucatan Ministry of Health (SSY).

Despite this, it announced that as a preventive measure, this measure should be continued in elderly people, with comorbidities that put their health at risk or symptoms of a respiratory disease, as well as going to the doctor in case of presenting any of the symptoms associated with the Coronavirus.

The lifting of the mandatory use of masks in public transportation is thanks to the favorable outlook, with low levels of infections and hospitalizations due to coronavirus, as well as the significant progress in vaccination against this disease, which allows us to take another step towards total reactivation.

Likewise, we reiterate the call to the Yucatecan population to act responsibly and maintain basic sanitary habits, since, if there is a significant increase in cases, some measures could be taken to protect the health of Yucatecans.

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