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Yucatan beaches are covered with sargassum with the arrival of cold front 21

by Yucatan Times
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The arrival of Cold Front number 21 to Yucatan has left as a result the presence of sargassum on the beaches of this port and strong waves, causing the tourist presence to be low since Saturday.

On Sunday morning, on the beach in the center of the port of San Crisanto, the sea grass could be seen spread out on the sandy area to accumulate with the rest that had been expelled by the ocean weeks ago.

This natural phenomenon that has been present during the season, has generated that, in the course of the afternoons, the tide begins to rise several meters on the beach to cover part of the areas where vacationers are placed. One of the consequences left by the Cold Front No. 21 is that there has been no presence of people during the afternoons enjoying the place since it is the last week of winter vacations.

Residents of the port mentioned that, in the last few weeks, the algae have been quite noticeable, because depending on the intensity with which the north arrives, as it is known, the marine flora tends to land on the beach.

Sisal, Yucatan January 8th, 2023 (Photo: Por Esto)

The Cold Front No. 19 has been the one that has been the most responsible for the amount of sargassum on the beach, leaving visitors unable to enjoy their vacations, especially because of the swell that has been registered due to the rising waves.

Litzá has been one of the moderate cold fronts that has not generated low temperatures and heavy rains as some of those that have entered during the season, but it has caused small coolness during the afternoons and has driven away bathers on the coast, being San Crisanto the one that has registered slight movement in the last days.

However, it was expected that for this last holiday weekend there would be a large presence of tourists as it happened for the beginning of the new year, where restaurants, stores and beaches were full of visitors who started the new year enjoying the heat. On this occasion, the response was low for the same reasons of the northern wind that was present since Thursday night when showers were registered at night in the northern part of the state.

Sunday was a low day for the closing of the vacation season, with only a group of people entering the sea early in the morning, since the strong swell had calmed down.

Some parts of the site had already begun to move away from the green seaweed that came out over the weekend. It is expected that, if the weather is sunny for next weekend, there will be more visitors, as it has happened every time the cold front moves away from the State.

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