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What age to rent a car in Canada: legal and practical aspects

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In order to rent a car in Canada, the driver must be at least 21 years old. The second prerequisite is a driving experience of at least 1 year. However, it is too early for drivers who meet these criteria to relax. Let’s understand the features of car rentals for 20-year-olds and determine the ideal age to rent a car in Canada.

Pricing policy: young drivers

Under 21 car rental is still possible in Canada. Quebec and Saskatchewan are exceptions to the general rule: car rentals under 21 are possible here if the driver is at least 18 years old. The exception is the military or representatives of the federal government of Canada – these persons are entitled to rent a car, subject to the availability of the rental location’s official orders.

Underage Fee

The bad news is that if you are under 25 and subject to surcharges and tax, you will face an Underage Fee and spend more money on car rentals. Young drivers will also face restrictions on the type and size of their cars. Therefore, under the age of 25, you can only rent standard, sub-compact, and compact types of cars.

Under 25 years old, the size of the deposit increases. The deposit is a pre-authorization on a credit card. The deposit amount varies between 500-1000 dollars.

A deposit is needed to compensate for material damage in the event of an accident, which, according to statistics, more often happens to young drivers.

Conditions of popular car rental companies for drivers under 25 years old

Below is a list of the additional rental fee charged by various Canadian companies for young drivers (additional price per rental day).

Companies’ rental options for drivers over 21:

  • Alamo – $25
  • Budget – $29.95-30 (depending on local taxes)
  • Enterprise – $15
  • E-Z – $20-30
  • National – $25
  • Europcar – $25
  • Advantage – $27

Companies’ rental options for drivers under 21:

  • Avis – Available to rent from 18 in Saskatchewan, $35 surcharge
  • Dollar – you can rent a car from 20; in the province of Quebec – from 18 years old, the surcharge – is from $20 to $35
  • Hertz – rental is possible for drivers over 20 years old, for Quebec from 18 years old, surcharge – from $25 to $30
  • Thrifty – minimum driver age 20 years old, for Quebec from 18 years old, surcharge – $30
  • Fox – rental is available for drivers over 19 years of age with a relatively small surcharge of $14.

Conclusion: Things to Remember When Renting a Car in Canada

In summary, renting a car, bring a driver’s license and a credit card, where there will be enough funds to pay the rent, additional commissions, and a deposit. In two Canadian provinces, it’s eligible to rent from age of 18; some companies in Canada provide a car, even for 19 and 20-year-old drivers.

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