On Wednesday, January 11th, there was a major water leak that ended up turning a park into a huge public swimming pool in Yucatan.

The events occurred in the park of the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood, in the municipality of Valladolid, when a water pipe broke.

The rupture caused hundreds of liters of water to escape under pressure, causing the skating rink to fill with water.

As a result of the water leak, the court, which is at low level, ended up becoming a huge public swimming pool.

The opportunity was not missed by children and teenagers, who came to the park and swam in the huge pool, using the ramps to dive in.

It is worth mentioning that images of the children playing were circulated through social networks, which quickly went viral.

The children performed various activities such as playing volleyball, swimming and jumping in the water.

After the pictures were released, several users of social networks expressed their admiration for the children who prefer to have fun in this way rather than being glued to a cell phone or any technological object.

So far it is not known if the water leak was repaired, however, the municipal authority was asked to be more careful with this type of situation, since what was an afternoon of fun and games could have turned into a tragedy due to the cables that the park has, which could have reached the water and caused a tragedy.

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