Vila calls for unity and agreements that contribute to the strengthening of the PAN political party nationwide

In the presence of state presidents of the National Action Party (PAN) from all over the country, the Governor of Yucatan, Mauricio Vila Dosal, called for unity and the generation of agreements, in order to continue adding valuable people from civil society to contribute to the strengthening of the party.

Together with PAN’s National President, Marko Cortés Mendoza, the Governor called to take care and work for the political institute, while generating alliances. “We have to go out and talk to the citizens and we have to work within the party, because alliances only work when the all the parties involved feel included”, he stated.

In this sense, Vila Dosal reiterated his commitment to the PAN and added that he will put the results of Yucatan and his work as Governor, to add to the project and win the Presidency of the Republic, with the candidate who has the best chances of winning.

Cortés Mendoza congratulated the Governor for the good results of his administration, which nurture the information and enthusiasm of both state leaders, about how development, investment, and growth are being generated, and how Yucatan is still the safest state in the entire Republic, which makes people want to come not only on vacation but also to invest and live. in Yucatan.

“Our main letter of introduction is that Acción Nacional governs for everyone and delivers results; I recognize how, here, we have sought to build a party hand in hand with its president, Asís Cano. Today, in Yucatan, there is a united PAN, open to society, which also promotes and recognizes the leadership of the party, and that has allowed us to be winners,” he stressed.

Before federal deputy Cecilia Patrón Laviada, Cortés Mendoza recognized Vila Dosal’s way of building agreements with the municipal and federal governments, for the benefit of the people, leaving political parties aside, with the sole purpose of giving good results to the population.

“Governor, you make us feel proud; we can say that here, in Yucatán, and the southeast of our country, it is demonstrated with results that Acción Nacional governs well, governs for everyone and that is something that no one can deny; this is something that everyone knows: that here, in Yucatán there is a competent, honest, transparent and effective government” Marko Cortés concluded.

TYT Newsroom