Two hand grenades found in Los Flamboyanes, Progreso

crime scene do not cross sign
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Two grenades were found in Los Flamboyanes community, in the municipality of Progreso, which led to the mobilization of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) and the Mexican Army.

Progreso, Yucatan, January 17, 2023.- On Tuesday, January 17th, the red lights were activated on the corner of Calle 57 with Calle 60-B, of the aforementioned community, when people who were cleaning a vacant lot made the discovery.

Los Flamboyanes

The frightened workers notified the Progreso municipal police who, upon arrival, confirmed the report and notified the military authorities and the SSP.

The area was secured, and placed under the custody of military personnel to carry out the removal of the artifacts.

Official version

The two hand grenades found this afternoon in the Flamboyanes subdivision of Progreso did not represent any danger to the population.

None of the devices had explosive material. They were old casings, inert bodies that were used for training, one whole and the other disarmed, but without explosive material or ignition system.

Once the specialized military personnel carried out the review, they handed over the shells to the SSP officers so that, in their capacity as first responders, they can make them available to the corresponding authorities.

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