Tho’ Park: These will be the attractions offered by this new park in Merida

Merida announces the construction of "Tho' Nuestro Parque", north of Mérida (Photo: SIPSE)

A few days after the announcement of the new Tho’ Park project, to be located north of Mérida, in the Altabrisa subdivision, many are beginning to compare it to Central Park or Fundidora Park in Monterrey.

Tho’ will have an extension of 8 hectares of green areas, which makes it larger than the Centenario zoological park; it will also be a self-sustainable space.

Part of the land was donated by the state government and will have a total investment of 100 million pesos.

Among the attractions that Tho’ will offer we have:

-Spaces to maintain physical health and meditation.
-Open and free spaces for the citizens to meet.
-Spaces for the promotion of culture.
-Commercial area

Tho’ is conceived as part of the efforts marked in the 2030 Agenda that seeks Sustainable Development, as well as to reduce the effects of climate change, promote urban mobility and create healthy spaces to strengthen the coexistence and economy of Yucatecan society.

The construction of Tho’ will begin in July 2023 and prior to this, a citizen consultation will be held in which all Meridanos will be able to participate in the design, organization and use of the spaces.

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