Sueños de Ángeles foundation will receive support from OXXO

Photo: YAM

Atenea Evia Ancona announced that the sueños de ángeles population will be working hand in hand with Oxxo, and everything that is rounded up during January, February and March will be donated to the institution that supports children with cancer.

He mentioned that these supports will be used to purchase medicines, as well as hospital utensils that minors need.

He explained that the benefited patients are low-income people belonging to the interior of the state, who are treated at the O’horan hospital.

“Today we are supporting them a lot with medicines, medical studies, needles, catheters, food supplements, and it has been three years of constant support that the children have been able to have their treatment and their medicines promptly, and right now with this great news we are very happy,” Evia Ancona said.

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