Students steal computers from a high school in Conkal, Yucatán

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Security cameras captured the moment in which students from Diego Lope de Cogolludo high school in Conkal and an outside person stole computers from the school’s facilities.

It was reported that, despite the fact that this was captured on surveillance cameras, the students went to take classes at the school as if nothing had happened.

It was reported that the cameras captured the incident when the students, between 12 and 15 years old, entered the school on Monday night, jumping over a fence overlooking Lazaro Cardenas Avenue, and breaking the windows of the school’s administration building, stole the 5 computers.

They also left notes against the teaching staff of the educational institution, finally they fled and took the equipment to different premises.

The principal became aware of the incident recently, as it is rumored that the equipment was in storage, and reported it to the authorities, who, upon checking the cameras, realized that the perpetrators were students and an unknown person.

The parents had no choice but to return the equipment to the principal’s office; they were observed bringing in the computer equipment with black bags. It is not known if the situation warranted the expulsion of those responsible, as the educational authority has not yet issued its position.

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