Rotwie found after several days of searching in Mérida

After 18 days of anguish, Jaime Sosa Pacheco found Rotwie, his pet dog that went missing on Christmas.

As we reported in La Verdad Noticias, Sosa Pacheco began the search for his pet, who disappeared in Merida on December 24.

Jaime undertook the search and through social networks offered a reward of 2,000 pesos to find his pet, who went missing in the Chuburna neighborhood, however, as the days went by, the reward rose to 4,000 pesos.

The dog was last seen in the above mentioned neighborhood by a neighbor, who indicated that he went after another animal.

His human indicated that he usually returns home alone, however, in this case he did not return, so he decided to start the search.

After almost a week of not knowing about her furry friend, she decided to hire a loudspeaker to look for him in the neighborhoods of Merida and it was on Wednesday 11, that her efforts to find him paid off.

On January 11, Jaime indicated through his social networks, that after 18 days, Rotwie was already at home, indicating that he felt happy and complete, thanking the media that helped in its diffusion and all the people who helped by sharing the information.

It was a neighbor of Colonia San Ramón Norte, who found the whereabouts of the dog.

Mr. Jaime was able to identify the animal, after remembering the note he had seen in a local portal, so he contacted the dog’s human and quickly the reunion took place.

Rotwie is now back with his human buddy, he was bathed and after 18 days away from home, he finally slept in his own bed again.

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