Rosco, the traveling dog, visits the Magic Town of Izamal

Rosco, an Old German Shepherd dog -similar to the character Daniel the Naughty-, promotes his visit to the Magic Town of Izamal through the social networks El Viaje de Rosco Sweet, on Instagram, informed yesterday his owner Samira Olvera Topete, before returning to Guadalajara.

Samira Olvera explained that three years ago she went through a depressive episode and on the recommendation of her psychiatrist she acquired Rosco when he was just four months old, today the dog is two years nine months old and since then he has become faithful and affectionate companion with whom she now shares her experiences as travelers offering “tips” or information on the best way to travel, as an example she said that before coming to Merida they were in Vancouver, Canada and of other places they have visited, as well as aspects of their daily lives.

She commented that in such a short time Rosco not only changed her life and now accompanies her on all her trips, with which significantly changed her life because he is very docile, he understands everything I tell him and above all a faithful custodian, so much so that yesterday several people approached him and he allowed them to pet them by wagging his tail, from side to side, manifesting that he was happy.

On his Instagram page Rosco posts photos of his visit to the convent of San Antonio de Padua in Izamal, where Pope John Paul II held a meeting with representatives of the ethnic groups of North, Central and South America, as well as the park posing next to the buggies and of course at the foot of the Kinich Kakmó pyramid in Izamal, Pueblo Mágico.

In fact, yesterday there were several people who traveled accompanied by their pets, but Rosco was one of those who caught the attention of the people who were in the air terminal of this city.

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