Progreso Mayor Julián Zacarías inaugurated the “Canine and Feline Adoption Fair 2023”

One of the commitments of the current administration is the care of the fauna of the municipality, and pets are no exception, so Mayor Julian Zacarias Curi invites citizens to attend the “Canine and Feline Adoption Fair 2023” and give a chance to those dogs and cats that are looking for a home.

This was held on the morning of Saturday, January 28th at 6:30 in the afternoon at Morelos Park, the only requirement was to present official identification.

The mayor explained that currently, the Subdirección de Ecología has 15 dogs and 4 cats in a shelter that have received medical evaluations and care; “People who adopt any of our small tenants, can be sure they are adopting a healthy pet since all of our animals have the corresponding vaccinations and, most of them have been sterilized depending on the age of the puppy,” said the mayor.

He added that this edition seeks to promote in the municipality the culture of adoption and responsible ownership in order to reduce the number of animals in a situation of abandonment.

Likewise, the mayor informed that the Ecology staff will apply rabies vaccines to pets, for this purpose the animals must be in good health.

Zacarias Curi concluded, making available the telephone number of the Ecology Sub-Directorate 969 103 93 32 to request more information, either for adoption or other free services, from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.

TYT Newsroom