Poachers of grouper, octopus and lobster must be stopped by the authorities along the coast of Yucatan

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With the beginning of the grouper ban on January 31, the Yucatan fishing sector warns that this product, as well as octopus and lobster, are at the mercy of poachers.

That is why, in the coming days, meetings will be held to coordinate actions to prevent illegal fishing of marine species in the state. This illegal activity

“We are already in the closed season for octopus and grouper, and we know that poaching conditions will continue, given that previous seasons were not very good, and this has resulted in an increase in poaching,” said José Luis Carrillo Galaz, president of the Federation of Fishing Cooperatives of Yucatán.

According to the interviewee, important seizures have been made in Campeche and in Dzilam de Bravo, which shows that poaching activities are still going on, so he emphasized that it is necessary to reinforce vigilance.

In fact, he recognized that in a few days there would be an increase in poaching, since the weather conditions would be ideal for fishing, while most of the fleet is paralyzed.

“When the water begins to be clear, next month, I believe there will be an increase in poaching and we will need an inspection and surveillance program. At the moment, there is none,” he said.

It is worth mentioning that the capture activities of the main species, grouper, octopus and lobster, will be closed as of February 1, for a period of at least two months, during which time the fishing of flake species will be resumed.

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