Passengers scared during flight from Mexico City to Merida due to airplane problems

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Passengers on Aeromexico flight 1834 had a hard time at the Mexico City airport, starting with a scare when a light came on during takeoff to Merida, indicating a failure in one of the engines.

For that reason the aircraft was flying over the area apparently waiting for the problem to be solved, but in the end they had to return to the Mexico City airport. In addition, the flight had already been delayed.

Mexico-Merida Flight: Alarm lights came on during take-off

According to information provided by Yucatecans who were on the flight, it was around 8:00 p.m. when they took off, already delayed due to the change of plane and departure position, but they had barely left when the alarm lights came on.

“On takeoff a high temperature indicator light came on in one of the engines and it was circling over Mexico City, hoping that the problem would be solved,” recounted a Yucatecan who was on the plane.

“But then it landed again in the same city and the passengers were left waiting for instructions as to what was going to happen with the flight,” he added.

Several hours later, the flight to Merida still did not depart.

At 8:30 p.m. they informed that they were still waiting for the truck to take them to another aircraft, since they had been informed that the plane and crew would be changed.

However, there was still uncertainty as to what time they would be leaving for Merida, although they had been told it would be at 9:30 pm. They were at gate 79 and it was a fully booked flight.

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