More than 10 people were attacked by bees in Motul’s Sambulá cenote

macro shot photography of black and yellow bees
Photo by Johann Piber on

A swarm of bees attacked a dozen people while they were inside the Sambulá cenote in the municipality of Motul.

It was around noon when several people who were in the tourist complex reported the insect attack, the reason for which is unknown.

Agents of Civil Protection together with the Municipal Police of Motul arrived at the site, where they proceeded to cordon off the site to avoid more stings.

However, some people ignored the officers’ indications and were also attacked, requiring the presence of paramedics.

According to reports, the people were treated for some stings, while it is presumed that 3 others were taken to the hospital.

The site remains cordoned off in case of possible more stings, so access to the Sambulá cenote will remain closed until now.

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