Mexicans allocate an average of 25 thousand pesos a year in pet food and other expenses

Ensures that humanizing pets are required behaviors that limit their well-being. (Photo: Pxhere)

Dogs and cats are the best friends of Mexicans, to such an extent that they allocate a sum of up to 25 thousand pesos a year for their expenses; This is shown by the data from the Coru platform and the company Brad Engagement.

(CORU)This happens because having a pet at home implies different responsibilities; from healthy food, vaccines, medical attention, deworming, bathing and grooming services, among many other expenses.

However, the amount of money that Mexicans allocate to pet expenses depends on the number they have at home and their needs. Since some require more care, such is the case of the bulldog dog breed.

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The data also shows that 45.4% of Mexicans invest less than a thousand pesos per month in their pets.

On the other hand, 41.3% of Mexicans spend up to 2,000 pesos, 9% up to 3,000 pesos, and only 3% of pet owners spend more than 3,000 pesos per month.

It is worth mentioning that pet food expenses depend on different factors; such as the quality of the croquettes or the size of the pet.

And this is not all, pets at home also require additional expenses; we refer to the purchase of a bed, toys, clothes, leashes, collars, even training classes for their correct behavior.

There is no doubt that a pet represents an ideal companion for many people, but at the same time it represents a financial responsibility.

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