Merida ranked among the cities with the highest level of security perception

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At the end of 2022, 71% of the population of Mérida aged 18 and over expressed feeling safe, as recorded by the National Survey of Urban Public Safety (ENSU).

This result is striking as it represents an increase over previous quarters, as in September the perception of security in Mérida was 70.9%, while in June it was 65.9, as recorded in the ENSU’s quarterly updates.

The security perception survey was conducted among a sample of 895,590 people over 18 years of age, of which 635,488 said they felt safe in Merida, that is, 71%.

In the same vein, the survey revealed that men are the sector of the population that feels the safest in the city, of a total of 452,946 men surveyed, 355,326 said they feel safe, representing 78.4%; while the remaining 97,620 feel unsafe, representing 21.6%.

As for women, of the 442,644 women surveyed, 280,162 feel safe, which represents 63.3% of this sector, and 162,482 women feel insecure, which represents 36.7%.

Regarding the places where people feel the safest in Merida, the survey revealed that they are at school with 90.1 percent, followed by home with 89.7%; shopping centers 86.5%; work 86.4%; in the car 85.4%; in parks 83.8%.

On the other hand, the places where people do not feel safe are ATMs, where there is a perception of safety of 55.9% of people; in public transportation 71.8%; in banks 74%; in the streets they usually use 77.5%.

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