Mérida is in Fashion: 45 models participated at the “Amanecer” Fashion Show

Contemporary Yucatecan fashion designers presented their new collections at the “Amanecer” (“Sáastaj”) runway show, organized by the National Chamber of the Clothing Industry (CANAIVE), Yucatán delegation, which is part of the Mérida Fest.

Under the slogan “Mérida is in Fashion,” the event offered a timeline highlighting how fashion has progressed in the capital.

It was a complete show on Calle 60, with live music to the rhythm of the saxophone, drums, keyboard and electric guitar under the direction of Juan Palacios and with the voices of Natalia Sosa, María Teresa and Mora Ivette.

All this with the Cathedral as a witness, providing them with a formidable backdrop, which was illuminated and covered in its entirety with the projection of a videomapping.

“I have been driving for 25 years and I have rarely been in front of such a majestic stage,” said Claudia Lizaldi, who was the master of ceremonies.

In his speech, Jorge Moreno González, president of CANAIVE, pointed out that this catwalk was held to honor Mérida and its fashion and thanked the 500 attendees who surrounded the area for their presence.

With 45 models, 120 garments were worn by designers Alejandro Carlín, creator of the brand “Lola de Alejandro“, Gerardo Torres, who premiered designs for women and men, and Mora Ruiz, who once again offered a variety of styles.

TYT Newsroom