Meet the ‘new’ archaeological jewel of the Yucatan: Chacmultún

State government will inject 11 million pesos to build the Services Unit of the Archaeological Zone located in Tekax

With an investment of 11 million pesos, the construction of the Services Unit of the Chacmultún Archaeological Zone , located in the municipality of Tekax, began with the aim of promoting these Mayan cities and being able to receive a greater number of visitors, reported the head of the Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) in Yucatan, José Arturo Chab Cárdenas.

He specified that these resources will only be used to build a service unit in this pre-Columbian city, which, in addition to allowing a greater number of tourists to be accommodated, will provide them with greater facilities in order to provide them with better care.

Chacmultun (Photo: SIPSE)

“There will be areas that will be part of a central patio, from which a series of modules emerge that will accommodate many services, not only the INAH ticket office, but also an area called the interpretation center, which is a space where visitors can learn a little more about what Chacmultún is and how the Mayan culture develops in the area, have plans, archaeological pieces and a variety of attractions for tourism, “he said.

Chacmultun (SIPSE)

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