Mauricio Vila Dosal received a standing ovation at Expo Feria Valladolid 2023

With music, posters, cheers and a warm welcome from the people of Valladolid, Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal was received when he arrived at the Expo Feria 2023 of this municipality, a showcase that he inaugurated tonight.

Vila Dosal led the “Paseo de las Mestizas“, a walk from the Main Plaza to the fairgrounds, in a journey of almost a kilometer that passed through several streets and neighborhoods, but which was filled with color, music and a festive atmosphere.

Upon arriving at the fairgrounds, entire families welcomed the Governor with shouts and applause, a moment that was framed with fireworks that illuminated the sky of Valladolid.

Together with the host mayor, Alfredo Fernández Arceo, Vila Dosal inaugurated the Expo Feria Valladolid 2023, which offers cultural and artistic events and shows for the enjoyment of everyone, as well as sports activities; among the main attractions are the regional gastronomic show, the livestock expo and the mechanical games.

TYT Newsroom