La Parrilla Restaurante catches fire at Gran Plaza, Merida

Photo: Quadratin

A strong fire destroyed part of a well-known restaurant in Gran Plaza on Monday, January 02, 2023.

Fortunately, no fatalities were reported, although two security workers who tried to put out the flames ended up intoxicated by the fumes.

The origin of the fire has not been determined, but it is known that it destroyed part of the La Parrilla restaurant located on the top floor of said shopping center.

It is said that two vigilantes tried to put out the fire, but it quickly surpassed them, leaving them intoxicated.

Several fire units from the Ministry of Public Security arrived at the square, as well as an ambulance to care for those affected.

Fortunately, only material losses were recorded and the fire was controlled in a short time.

The security workers are reported stablea and out of danger.

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