Inside the Maya Train: this is what dining rooms, showers, and cabins will look like

The outer and inner design of the Tren Maya was presented at Monday’s Mañanera at the National Palace. The national advisor of Coparmex and general director of Alstom, the company which is developing the trains and the mobility of the project, Maite Ramos, was in charge of presenting the way the convoys that will start operating next December will look like.

“The colors harmonize with the whole panoramic view… It has a wide seat, this to look for the comfort of the passengers”, explained the businesswoman.

While Maite Ramos detailed the design of the trains, images of the interior of the convoys were projected in the Treasury Hall. Ramos pointed out that the trains will have dining rooms with tables adapted for four and two people, and that the kitchens were built as industrial kitchens, so that food will be prepared on the spot and not just heated to be offered to passengers.

“To prepare food on the spot instead of just heating the typical cuisine of each region,” she stressed.

Maite Ramos recalled that the design of the Tren Maya is to emulate the shape of the Jaguar, in whose presentation it is described as: “One animal describes it all. The Jaguar: elegant, strong, skillful, fast and silent… just as the train will be“.

The businesswoman emphasized the comfort of the seats that are arranged for two people, which are blue in color, which Ramos said contrasts with the natural landscape of the train’s route that will pass through the states of Tabasco, Yucatan and Quintana Roo.

Likewise, the interior of the cabins of the Tren Maya was shown, which were adapted so that passengers can work from their laptops, in addition to the fact that in case they want to rest when making a long trip, the seats inside can be adapted as beds to guarantee the rest of the users, said the businesswoman.

Maite Ramos also explained that inside the cabins, each one has its own bathroom, as well as adapted showers. The room has communicators so that passengers are always in contact with the train service.

Maite Ramos indicated that the design of the trains is related to the history of the Mayan culture in the country. About the standard train she said the interior design was based on aquatic landscapes and organic shapes. “It is a comfortable, accessible and above all inclusive train,” she said.

During the presentation of the interior of the Tren Maya, the Secretary of National Defense, Luis Crescencio Sandoval, informed that they will provide security for Section 3, for which they will employ 489 troops and five helicopters, “will be present in the archaeological zones, the trains, hotels, 68 elements in the New Uxmal“.

Mayan Train tests begin in July

Javier May informed that the route of the Mayan Train will consist of 1,554 kilometers of track that will pass through 40 municipalities and 181 towns in Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatan and Quintana Roo. In addition, in July, the first tests of the operation of the trains will be carried out.

The Federal Government’s flagship project is working in seven sections with the participation of the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena) and four consortiums, in addition to the one that manufactures the trains and builds the depots and workshops. He detailed that, along the train route, there will be 20 stations and 14 stops that are already under construction.

The Mayan Train will have 219 cars and, along the route, there will be six depots and three workshops for shelter, repairs and maintenance, as well as eight track maintenance bases.

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