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In Merida, tamales for Candelaria Day will be much more expensive than last year

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Prices of meat, tomato, onion, banana leaf and other inputs for Candlemas Day tamales in the Lucas de Gálvez and San Benito markets:

Bad news for those who took out muñequito in this year’s rosca de reyes: making tamales for February 2, Candelaria Day, will represent a heavy economic outlay, as the price escalation that began in December continues in this 2023.

As expected, the price increase is already noticeable in the ingredients for the preparation of traditional tamales, regardless of their type.

In a tour of the Lucas de Gálvez and San Benito markets in downtown Mérida, it is possible to find everything needed to make Candlemas Day tamales; whether they are steamed or strained, Mexican style with corn husks or Yucatecan wrapped in banana leaves, chicken or pork mince.

February 2 Tamales: At what price are masa and lard sold?

Masa, the raw material for tamales, is available “nixtamalizada” at a price of $20 per kilo and lard is available for $60 per liter.

The price of pork meat depends on what you want, if it is ground pork you can get from $50 to $70, depending on its quality, but if it is in pieces, $105 per kilo, and if it is leg, $110.

Chicken continues to be the most affordable meat for tamales, since it is available from $50 to $55 per kilo, while turkey is not a good option at this time, since it is sold at more than $100 per kilo.

Likewise, espelon has prices ranging from $40 to $50, and the kilo of achiote varies from $50 to $70 per kilo, depending on the quality and the place where it is purchased.

Prices of banana leaves, tomatoes and onions

Another important ingredient for tamales is banana leaves, which are currently sold at 20 pesos per package.

Tomato has a very varied price range, it all depends on the size and quality, although there are many signs that offer it at $18 per kilo, the truth is that it is almost always a second product that usually is not displayed or is not in sight.

In turn, the best quality and presentation saladet tomato can reach up to $27 per kilo.

Something very similar to the tomato is the onion, in many stalls it is offered at $10 per kilo, but the best quality is around $20 per kilo, while the red onion in some places is at $18 per kilo, but in others it costs almost $30.

The market list to make tamales may also contain epazote, chaya, garlic and other ingredients that can also be found in these supply centers at different prices.

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