If you receive a call with a number beginning with +811, do not answer or return the call

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Cybercriminals have found a new way to scam people. For this reason, security experts warn that if the number starts with +811, do not answer or return the call on your phone. Why?

The technology site ADSLZone, reported that cybercriminals developed a new way to scam. People should be careful about answering or returning calls, if the phone number starts with +811.

Technology experts point out that no country has an 811 prefix as a code or key.

The number that begins with +811 means that it is a call with a satellite connection. It may appear as +811 or 00881.

What is the +811 scam?

The first thing is that the criminals will make a call, but will not give you time to answer. It will be registered on the phone as a missed call.

People who want to know what they missed will call to find out who spoke to them. Those who dial will fall for the scam.

Authorities in several countries reported that numbers with +811 prefix, are with special rate, and generates profits for each call received.

The Android users, above all, are able to block these numbers, to avoid scams.

In Mexico, the long distance code, or LADA code, of Nuevo León is 81, so you should pay close attention if you receive frequent calls from numbers of this entity.

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