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Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal strengthens the SSP equipment to ensure peace and tranquility in Yucatán

by Yucatan Times
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Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal delivered 207 new patrol cars and 20 ambulances to the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP) as part of the Yucatán Seguro program, in order to strengthen the state corporation’s efforts to preserve peace and provide emergency assistance, thus helping Yucatecan families to continue to enjoy the tranquility and harmony that characterizes the territory.

These 207 patrol cars are in addition to the more than 1,100 that the Governor has granted so far in his administration, to strengthen the capacities of the state and municipal police, while the 20 ambulances are added to the 37 that the agency currently has.

As promised to the people of Yucatan, Vila Dosal, together with the head of the SSP, Luis Felipe Saidén Ojeda, put at the service of the police force, these units such as vans, compact cars, motorcycles and ambulances that, through an investment of more than 360 million pesos, have the objective of maintaining security in every corner of the state and remain as a national reference in this area.

The SSP was also granted 6 drones, which will be mounted on vans, so that they can be moved and used wherever they are needed.

From the Yucatan Siglo XXI Convention Center, the Governor affirmed that the security that characterizes the state is something we work on every day, but we are not exempt from destabilizing events.

However, we have laid the foundations to have a better prevention and response capacity, he said, for which he thanked the support and coordination maintained with the Armed Forces, the National Guard and the City Councils, with whom we work as a team, a formula that has yielded good results.

Before the president of the state Superior Court of Justice, María Carolina Silvestre Canto Valdés, Vila Dosal emphasized that there are things that are done here that are not done in other parts of the country, such as investing in technology and improving the conditions of the agents, but for this, an important budgetary effort has been made to strengthen the capacities of the corporation.

As an example of this, he continued, this 2023, the resources allocated to the SSP increased 72% with respect to what was directed in 2018, the last year of the last state administration, with which it went from 1,982 to 3,414 million pesos between both administrations, resources exercised in equipment, technology and improvement of both benefits and conditions of police officers, with competitive salaries.

They are also offered schemes to access private medical care in case of work-related accidents; the possibility of obtaining credit from the National Workers’ Housing Fund Institute (Infonavit); scholarships for their children’s university, with 100% coverage of enrollment and tuition, together with a bimonthly support of 1,600 pesos, and the Citizen Heroes Circuit and Card, recently presented, with more than 1,000 companies offering discounts to security and health personnel.

In the presence of Dorothy Ngutter, U.S. Consul in Merida, and Jorge Abel Charruf Caceres, President of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE) Yucatan, Vila Dosal highlighted that this delivery of patrols and ambulances strengthens the SSP’s vehicle fleet, the result of a budgetary effort to provide the necessary tools to the corporation, which is serious, professional, committed and very well directed, by its head and commanders well prepared at the “Luis Felipe Sotelo Regil” Academy.

The Governor then announced that, between July and August, more units are expected to arrive to continue reinforcing security in the state, through leasing, which represents a lower cost per year and, when they wear out due to use, they can be renewed and the money is included in the budget.

Finally, Vila Dosal also recognized the work of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) and the Judiciary, with whom he is working to digitalize and modernize their processes, in order to achieve greater efficiency.

In this regard, Saidén Ojeda acknowledged and thanked the Governor for his commitment, effort and political will to renew the agency’s vehicle fleet, and to make it a priority to conserve and substantially improve security.

The head of the SSP stated that with the new units the agency will expand its coverage and presence in the territory; in the case of the patrols, he specified that they will be destined to the interior to improve and safeguard medical attention, and stressed the importance of continuing to strengthen this area, especially in view of its economic and tourist development.

“We live in a privileged place for many things, but we Yucatecans build the peace that characterizes it every day, thinking also of the generations to come,” he said, and then detailed that, of the 207 patrol cars, 105 are Ford Ranger and XLT, Dodge Durango Pursuit and Chevrolet Colorado, all from the year 2022, equipped with turret, siren, horn, radio console, signage and interior video surveillance camera, among other things.

On the other hand, 70 are compact cars of the Dodge Charger, Nissan Sentra Sense and Altima Advance models, with accessories, turret, siren, horn, interior camera, signage, as well as radio box and tumbaburros, and as for the motorcycles, there were 13 of the Suzuki brand, models 2020 and 2021, well equipped with turret, siren, horn and signage.

Regarding the 20 ambulances delivered, he explained that the aim is to provide timely service to the state’s citizens in the event of any medical emergency, since having more of them has a direct and positive impact on increasing the coverage and care of this type of transportation services.

Of these, 17 are Transit 250 and 3 are Ram 2500 Promaster, all of them with advanced emergency VAS II, with thermal insulation, shatterproof windows, plywood floor, dividing partition, door hooks, electronic siren, LED turret, horn, 2 oxygen outlets, air conditioning, ventilation and extraction systems, audible alarm, mobile stretcher car, tumbler and pre-hospital equipment.

Finally, he detailed that the drones made available are equipped with GPS precision in stationary flight, wind resistance, obstacle detection, infrared system, first person view camera (FPV) and another metric thermal camera, laser range finder and IP44 protection.

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