Governor inaugurates the new Digital Photography Laboratory “Photolab”

Photo: Gobierno del Estado de Yucatan

Entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses will be able to access visual content creation services that help expand their markets and boost the online marketing of their products, after Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal inaugurated the “Photolab” Digital Photography Laboratory by Indumental, which places Yucatan as the only place in the country that has a high-tech site capable of serving firms from various sectors.

Accompanied by the president of the National Chamber of the Clothing Industry (Canaive) Yucatan Delegation, Jorge Moreno González, and the mayor of Mérida, Renán Barrera Concha, Vila Dosal inaugurated this space with cutting-edge equipment from the Netherlands, which puts on available to local producers and creators to promote what is made in Yucatan in e-commerce. To make this space a reality, the State Government invested 3.6 million pesos.

In his message, the Governor affirmed that infrastructure remains and will transcend governments, since affiliates and non-affiliates will be able to make use of this benefit, as part of the impulse that his administration provides to the creation of projects, especially within the entity; In this sense, 3 Entrepreneurs Centers have been opened in different demarcations and it is planned to create 2 more, before the end of his term, so that each zone has one nearby to support new proposals.

The governor is asking the Yucatecan Institute of Entrepreneurs (IYEM) to encourage businesses without access to this type of services, to use those offered by Canaive to strengthen their presence in the online market, and before the leader of the Business Coordinating Council ( CCE) in the territory, Jorge Abel Charruf Cáceres, the Governor recalled that there are 2 digital sales channels, Amazon and Mercado Libre, where what is made here is sold directly.

He pointed out that his administration has always worked for hand in hand with this important Business Chamber, since it makes the uniforms that are delivered to students each year, with the help of workers from the interior; A sample of this coordination is that, in 2019, the Design, Innovation and Prototyping Laboratory was inaugurated, with a state contribution of 5 million pesos, and a few months ago, 80 sewing machines were awarded to people from various municipalities.

“We will continue promoting and working together because the secret of Yucatan is that we work as a team, the Federation, City Councils, and the State; for this reason, we are doing better than in other states of the Republic,” the Governor said.

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