Foreign investment will continue to come to Yucatán

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The head of the Secretariat of Economic Development and Labor (Sefoet), Ernesto Herrera Novelo, said that international companies choose to invest in the entity by knowing what it offers, such as security, resources, skilled labor, among others, which also generates jobs in various sectors of the entity.

“Today we are talking about Sweden, in a few more weeks we will be talking about the United States, but we will also be talking about Asia. So, when it comes to the relocation of supply chains in the T-MEC market, Yucatan has raised its hand,” he said.

In fact, the state official participated, together with Governor Mauricio Vila, in the start-up of the Engineering Development Center of the Swedish company ABB, which will be generating 30 jobs.

He recalled that Yucatan already has companies from Japan, China and the United States, the latter country having a tendency to establish companies in sectors such as export manufacturing, as well as medical instruments.

Herrera Novelo pointed out that, in 2022, Yucatan ranked first in terms of registered foreign investment.

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