Fireworks cause tragedies in at least eight Yucatecan municipalities

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The use of pyrotechnics has caused damage in different parts of the state, some serious, such as in Tekit and in the Emiliano Zapata Sur neighborhood in Mérida, where two people suffered injuries when the firecrackers exploded in their hands, and in Kanasín, where a vehicle that was parked in a house was burned by the flames.

Among the incidents caused by pyrotechnics, damage was reported in Kanasín, Peto, Progreso, Buctzotz, Tekit, El Cuyo and a neighborhood in Mérida.

The use of pyrotechnics cause a fire in Kanasín

Minors burned pyrotechnics in the street and set fire to a car and part of a property, but despite what happened, those responsible were not identified.

Luis Chaal, who is the owner of the car and the house, indicated that he was at his home in the Gran San José Kanasín subdivision with his family when at one point he heard the explosion of a small bomb. When he went out to see what was happening, he saw two minors running in panic, while his Chevy, license plate ZAS-847-E of the State of Yucatán, was on fire, so he reported it to the Coordinated Municipal Police of Kanasín, whose officers arrived and upon seeing the magnitude of the incident reported it to the fire department of the Secretariat of Public Safety.

The fire also reached the house which, thanks to the quick reaction of the authorities, did not suffer the same fate as the car.

The authorities continued their rounds of the municipality to prevent minors from using these explosives.

Children injured by fireworks in Tekit

A minor of only nine years of age ended the year with injuries to his left hand, when two of his fingers were partially detached by a firecracker.

The events occurred on New Year’s Eve in the town of Tekit where the minor was accompanied by his relatives when they were exploding fireworks.

At one point the minor did not let go of the firecracker in time, the explosion was in his left hand, causing serious injuries.

The adults immediately called the Municipal Police to request the presence of an ambulance and first aid elements at the scene.

Paramedics from the Secretaría de Seguridad Pública attended to the victim, whose name was not revealed, but due to the seriousness of his injuries he was taken to the Hospital Agustín O’Horán in the city of Mérida.

Teenager suffers first degree burns in Southern Mérida

In the Emiliano Zapata Sur neighborhood, a 17 year-old boy suffered first degree burns to an upper extremity while handling pyrotechnics.

As in the case of the minor, members of the Secretaría de Seguridad Pública ambulance department arrived at the site of the accident to provide first aid to the injured young man.

Old Railroad station catches fire in Peto

In the first hours of the year a fire was provoked by sparks from the fireworks that fell on the guano roof of the former railroad station.

The events took place when in the heat of so many explosions caused by the fireworks, as part of the New Year’s celebrations, the neighbors of the area mobilized as quickly as possible to ask for the support of the fire department and prevent the fire from consuming the entire thatched roof, located in a stop located on 21st Street between 30th and 28th of the former railroad station.

The fire department of the Secretaría de Seguridad Pública (SSP) immediately arrived at the scene to prevent the flames from getting out of control.

Upon arrival of the rescue team accompanied by municipal police officers, they noticed that the fire flames started in the upper part of the roof, fortunately the fire had not spread too much thanks to the maneuvers of the fire department that used a 10,000 liter pipe and with this the fire was extinguished in time.

Therefore, this fire prevented the complete consumption of this guano farm again, as a few years ago in a similar incident, it was completely burned.

The authorities indicated that, in this incident, the flames started because of the sparks emitted by the pyrotechnic fires, so it is probable that one of these sparks caused the fire without great losses to be regretted.

Fireworks in Buctzotz cause traffic accidents

At the beginning of the New Year in the town there were two traffic accidents and a woman went into labor.

The first accident occurred at the Buctzotz exit towards Tizimín, where two motorcycles collided in the same traffic lane. According to information gathered, the blue motorcycle was driven by G. M. A. P., 14 years old, who was accompanied by two other minors.

On the other red motorcycle was Jesús Canché Tamayo, 32 years old, who was accompanied by his wife. It is not known how the events occurred, as both drivers blamed each other for what happened, which left five people injured, who were attended to by paramedics from the Buctzotz Municipal Police and transported to the 24/7 medical center.

In the end, three of the five injured were taken to the San Carlos Hospital in Tizimín due to the seriousness of their injuries.

The motorcycles involved in the collision were removed from the road and taken to the police base to determine who was responsible for the crash and for the corresponding expert appraisal.

The second accident involved a white car, which was driven by Jorge Torres, 36 years old, who was traveling on 18th Street between 11th and 9th. While passing the stop sign, the driver lost control of the steering wheel and then crashed into another blue car, which was parked. Both vehicles sustained material damage.

The owner of the parked car, Fernando Argáez Poot, 49 years old, upon noticing that his car had been hit, called the Buctzotz Municipal Police. After a few minutes, the police arrived to take note of what had happened. On the other hand, the person responsible for the accident gave notice to his insurance company so that they could take care of the accident and cover the costs of the material damages caused.

The third case caused the Emergency Service elements to intervene. A woman who lives on 17th Street between 12th and 10th presented labor pains in the early hours of this New Year’s Day. Her relatives, seeing that the baby was on the way, alerted the police corporation, who immediately sent the emergency ambulance to transport the woman to the Agustin O’Horan hospital in Merida for gynecological attention.

Kids set fire to a “Gondola” in Progreso

The “bombitas” again caused a tragedy in the first week of the year in Progreso, this time by two children of unknown identity who set fire to a gondola of the Prolimpia agency in the early hours of the morning of the first day of the year.

The outbreak took place on 84th Street and 39th Street, just outside the port, where the agency in charge of garbage collection keeps a large container there for its trucks to deposit the garbage and the gondola is taken to the municipal garbage dump.


According to residents, they had previously seen a couple of children between 8 and 10 years old circulating in the mentioned direction, when suddenly one of them decided to throw a firecracker on the top of the garbage container, causing the fire to start gradually until the flames reached such dimensions that caused fear in the settlers of this sector of the port.

Police officers and firefighters were immediately notified. For safety reasons, first, the onlookers who were taking evidence of what happened were cleared from the area and then the fire was extinguished.

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