The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) and the National Migration Institute (INM) joined efforts with the company Sisal Tejidos Yucatan, to bring trainers from India to train Yucatan workers in new techniques to improve their performance and productivity.

They are workers from Yamuna Machine Works LTD and their main objective is to train workers in the handling of the latex kiln, an input that improves the quality of sisal carpets for export.

This was announced after a meeting attended by company executives, the head of the Passport Office, Mariana Cruz Pool, and the INM, Yadira de los Santos Robledo.

According to the explanations of the executives, through an automated process, the machinery supplies the sisal fiber carpet with latex as a finish that protects from humidity, improves durability, avoids fraying and increases resistance against slipping, thus increasing the quality of the rugs, as demanded by the international market.

However, these types of procedures are unknown to the people of Yucatan, because not only has this crop and its fibers not been produced for at least two decades, but the processes are currently carried out with specialized machinery that requires professional operators.

In addition to training them in the handling of the latex kiln and the application of the polymer, the experts from Yamuna Machine Works LTD will also train the Yucatecan workers in new weaving techniques and designs of the sisal fiber rugs.

Sisal Tejidos Yucatán was inaugurated just last June 2022. It is the first plant of its kind in Latin America and the seventh in the world to promote the manufacture and marketing of products based on biofiber derived from agave, a sustainable and environmentally friendly option that competes against the use of synthetic fibers on the planet.

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