Electricity reform will have an impact on curbing renewable energy projects

photo of wind turbines lot
Photo by Narcisa Aciko on Pexels.com

The modification to the Law of the Electricity Industry keeps 19 renewable energy projects pending completion in Yucatan at a standstill, and it is still unknown if they will become a reality.

The president of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE) in Yucatan, Jorge Charruf Caceres, said that the only projects that are moving forward are the two combined cycle plants of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) that will be generating electricity with natural gas to supply the demand in the State, which is expected to reduce the rates paid for this service.

However, it was insisted that the pending projects will allow the entity to become self-sufficient in electricity, if they materialize, since only the five that are already operating generate 25% of the energy demand in Yucatan.

“An attempt of reform that affected the mood of investors, and we still have, although the constitutional reform was not achieved, there were changes in the Electricity Industry Law that is still being decided by the courts. Several companies are filing their appeals, so they are moving forward”, he said.

He stated that if the projects are completed, Yucatan will be completely self-sustainable in terms of energy generation.

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