Did you know that the First Feminist Congress of Mexico was held in Yucatan 107 years ago?

Legislators of Yucatan commemorate the First Feminist Congress of Mexico 107 years ago

Yucatan hosted the First Feminist Congress that was held in 1916 at the Teatro Peón
Merida Contreras.

In commemoration of the First Feminist Congress in the country, which was held in Yucatan from January 13 to 16, 1916, local legislators affirmed that although progress has been made in the participation of women in the public life of the State and the country, there is still a historical debt with the brave women present at that unforgettable event, which is to achieve substantive parity and eliminate violence against this sector.

In the facilities of the José Peón Contreras theater, on a day like today but in 1916, the First Feminist Congress in the country was held and the second in Latin America, since one was held in 1910 in Buenos Aires, where women’s rights were discussed, using Finland and New Zealand as a reference, where they already intervened in municipal life. In addition, between 1988 and 1900 other feminist congresses were held in Paris, Washington, Chicago, and London.

The importance of the congress in Mérida is that it marks a before and after of the fight for women, and that is why Yucatán is considered the feminist origin and pioneer in the female vote.