Contamination of cenotes in Cancun’s irregular zones unstoppable

The contamination present in the cenotes of the irregular zones of Cancun prevails so far in 2023, so that with the resumption of sanitation activities, a similar amount of solid waste is reported as that obtained in 2022.

In the cleanup of a cavern-like cenote in the Avante neighborhood, 92 kilos of solid waste were extracted from the wetland cover and from the water mirror, including:

-Glass bottles

But, according to information from the General Directorate of Ecology, in a cleaning activity done in the same place in the middle of last year, 95 kilos of waste were removed.

Heiden Cervantes Quijano, in charge of the Environmental Planning and Policy Office of Ecology, pointed out that the contamination is due to visitors to the wetland who are engaged in recreational activities and leave their garbage on the avenue, but the wind blows it into the cenote.

“This particular cenote is located in a private property with public access, so people come to have fun and swim. Although any (cleaning) activity that is done inside the place has to be on the part of the owner, and all the waste that is removed has to be left on the street so that the garbage truck can take it away,” he explained.

Solid waste ends up in wetlands

It should be noted that the pruning, mowing or removal of solid waste by the municipal authorities inside any property in the city cannot be done without prior authorization, and although in this case public access is permitted, they are asked to take their waste out of the area, but few pay attention.

This is mainly because of the doubt that if garbage cans are placed, in a matter of time the accumulated solid waste will exceed the capacity of the container, which would generate another clandestine garbage dump, whose waste constantly ends up in the cenotes.

There are several plant species in the wetland of more than 1,600 square meters, such as:

-Chit palm
-As well as fauna, mostly reptiles such as iguanas and amphibians.

The next activity will take place in February in two wetlands in the northern part of Cancun.

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