Los Laureles Campeche (Photo: YAM)

The Edzná Valley remains in check now with the discovery of a clandestine grave with four bodies in Los Lauleres, which had traces of torture, this is in a sector where there are reports of three people reported missing since December 2022, who was last seen in that community and surroundings.

The discovery of the grave occurred in the early hours of Thursday, January 12th, when ministerial agents assigned to the “high impact” Deputy Prosecutor’s Office went to a Ranchería in the Los Laureles ejido, which belongs to the municipality of Campeche, and only two hours away from the capital city, before the sighting of a group of armed men.

However, being inside the sector, the ministerial officers were greeted with shots, which led to a confrontation that lasted less than 5 minutes, and even though some suspects managed to flee, the security forces arrested a man who was carryng a long weapon.

During the inspection of the site, a grave was found inside with four bodies, all handcuffed, with traces of torture, added to the fact that they had been shot in the head, in a cartel execution style.

These sorts of events used to be inexistent in Campeche, but ever since the governor, Layda Sansores from Morena took office, this peaceful state has become extremely violent.

TYT Newsroom