Child pretends to be a beggar to steal in Merida

Children have caused an alert around the Mérida Airport after it was reported that they were allegedly asking for money from the users of the air terminal, however, they claim that their objective is to rob people.

According to information gathered by the authorities, the presence of minors approaching tourists to ask for a handout is becoming more frequent, and some airport terminal users indicate that they have even tried to open the doors of several parked vehicles.

In view of this situation, the airport authorities have decided to reinforce surveillance and have called upon the minors to leave the area and in case of repeated offenses they will be reported to the corresponding authorities.

It was reported that the minors usually go to the airport parking lot in the afternoons and take advantage of the darkness of the night to hide among the trees and bushes.

After their attention was called, it was thought that they would not return, however, after several days of not coming, they returned a few days ago, so the addresses of the surveillance cameras were changed so that they could be captured.

Although the presence of these minors has been reported, so far, no complaint has been reported against these children and much less has any case of theft by any user been exposed.

TYT Newsroom

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