Canine seized by police in Progreso for causing a traffic accident

A large operation was implemented this Tuesday, January 3rd, in Progreso after reports of destruction in the center of the Chicxulub Puerto police station by an “uncontrolled” animal that could not be controlled and even caused an accident.

Several units of the Ecological Police arrived at the scene and quickly delimited the area and prepared a plan to capture the animal, which continued to run wild on the street 20 by 23 and 25 of the aforementioned place.

Soon after, the sirens of a Red Cross ambulance also announced its arrival, due to the fact that a motorcyclist had skidded because of the animal, which allegedly attacked her and caused her to fall.

According to witnesses, the animal identified as “Nala” of Labrador origin escaped from her home around 11:00 a.m. and ran into a motorcycle with license plates D7DL29, which it decided to attack and as a consequence, a young woman was injured and required first aid from paramedics.

Subsequently, the problem was complicated due to the fact that there was a brief discussion between the parties involved to reach an agreement to repair the damages and the parties involved, including the pet, were taken to the patrol car.

It was found out that the animal will remain at the aforementioned facility to carry out a series of analyses due to the blow received.

TYT Newsroom