Armed men arrive in Chilam Balam, Campeche and threaten residents

Chilam Balam, Campeche (Photo: Tribuna Campeche)

Residents of Chilam Balam, in the municipality of Champotón, reported the presence of armed men aboard a red Toyota Yaris car and a red Pickup truck, who said they were looking for food and gasoline, and who were allegedly trying to charge a “protection fee” (Derecho de Piso).

The suspects withdrew towards the Yohaltún Valley, although the local authorities later reported that two of them were detained.

The residents expressed their fear before the presence of these people who, due to their appearance, evidently were not Campechanos, their haircuts were Mohican-type, others with a beard, and some of them even looked Mennonite. However, citizens reported their presence to 911 and ensure that agents of the Mexican Army stationed in Escárcega and de the State Attorney General’s Office managed to capture two of them.

The residents also mentioned that on the dirt road that leads to the town of José López Portillo 2, in Champotón, they found an incinerated car inside a family made up of the father, the mother, and two minors, but the ministerial authorities have not confirmed said finding and that it is related to the same events in the town of Bonfil.

The inhabitants point out that the bodies belonged to a family of Mennonites who was also extorted by the armed men who confronted the ministries in the Bonfil community.

These sorts of events used to be inexistent in Campeche, but ever since the governor, Layda Sansores from Morena took office, this peaceful state has become extremely violent.

TYT Newsroom